The First Go-Round

This is my first time around. If you are reading this, thank you for taking the time out of your day and reading what I have to say. Here is a quick synopsis of how this blog came to be: I was writing in journals, and found that my journals became longer and longer, and eventually sounded like something that belonged in a blog. I was doing things like writing emails to myself, writing journal entries… to myself, and all this other stuff that was basically directed at something besides myself. I realized this is probably what a blog is made of.

I came up with “Standing on a Writer’s Block” because I have a lot of “blocks” in my life: difficulties, school, and the like. I haven’t talked to many people about all these things, because I have precious few friends. Now there lies my problem – I am the type of person whose thoughts and feelings swirl around my head. Unless I write them down, say them out loud, or discuss them with somebody, they aren’t the same as if I don’t. But, if I am put in isolation for the rest of my life, or if I am chained to the wall of a cold, dark, basement with rats outnumbering the stinkbugs, I would still have one friend. You guessed it: God. Of course, being around rats and stinkbugs isn’t my idea of living, but of course God has a plan behind everything. Even with all of my problems – and there are a lot – there is always tomorrow. I may not have too many years on me, but I would like to say I have some wisdom that I’ve gained from having God on my side. Standing on a writer’s block isn’t easy – and that’s why I’ve trusted God to stand up there… and stay up there.

I know that a long journey is ahead of me, and I hope for it to be an exciting one. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve learned a lot. Working with young children for about three weeks and having long – and short – talks with people and just being around them has been awesome. I hope to say more about that experience in other posts. Not just getting to know them, but also a little about myself. With this blog, I hope to do a little more of that. I don’t expect to become famous through this, since it will be electronic and on the Internet. But I think it’s just another way of putting my feelings and thoughts of the world out there.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” -Lao Tzu


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