A Swift Kick in the Butt, $1

I have to say… I agree with Calvin. With these latest happenings, Calvin’s merchandise would be a good wake-up call for some.

Chick-fil-a. I really like the restaurant, their Christian roots, the fact that they are closed on Sundays, etc., but did they really have to go so far as to make a stance on gay marriage? In my humble opinion, politicians are enough. The whole ‘Chick-fil-a appreciation day’ was pretty much a ‘Everybody who’s against gay rights go to Chick-fil-a day’. I don’t really understand why they have a stance, why they came out with one, why they had to start all this ruckus, and if they saw all this coming (or hoped for it), but I’ve come up with one answer. (Sorry… I haven’t come up with my ‘Part 2 Philly Love’ (but I will!), it has a lot to do with this) Love each other. It’s as simple as that. Then you won’t find a reason to go to a restaurant to show your disdain for gay people, or to ‘show liberals what’s up’. You’ll go to Chick-fil-a because you like the chicken, waffle fries, or whatever else. Heck, you might even want to check out comedian Tim Hawkins’ song on Chick-fil-a (although now bombarded with comments over the past few days). If we looked past our differences – gay & straight being one of them – we could start loving each other better. And you know what else? Even if you think being gay is a sin, don’t slam others because they sin differently than you do. We all sin, and if being gay is a sin, don’t be judgmental in saying “I’m less sinful than you by not being gay.” Or, “I’m better than you because I sin less than you.” (Totally not true.)

I’m really not sure what my feeling ‘legally’ on gay rights – but I know my only true feeling is that we should love each other – gay, straight, black, white, Asian, European… we see so many differences in each other. If we can just look past those and love each other, this whole thing wouldn’t be a problem. I know I sound like a hippie now, but I’m serious! Love each other, and these problems won’t occur.

I also something while watching the Olympics last night – the women’s all-around gymnastics gold medal was very close. Viktoria Komova, a Russian gymnast, narrowly took second next after Gabby Douglas. Here’s the thing: it was pretty much four gymnasts competing for three medals. When she found that she had won silver, she burst into tears. At the award ceremony, there were no smiles from her face, even though she had won an Olympic medal at age 16. You don’t like where you’re standing? Fourth place, American Aly Raisman, would have loved to be in your spot. Be thankful for what you have. Calvin, I’ll buy one for her.

But, of course, some people don’t need a kick in the butt. Then again, maybe Gabby Douglas needs one to make sure she’s not dreaming, or Michael Phelps with them 21 Olympic medals. Well, all I can say is go world (and team USA)!

“Do all things with love.” -Og Mandino


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