Cannot Forget

People say “never forget” when referring to 9/11. My fear is that it’s slowly moving towards a catch phrase. But I propose something new; something definite even for the ones too young to remember. Yes, we will never forget. But we cannot forget 9/11. Our country will never move past it. Not to say that this should be reason to build prejudices or hate, but that it will forever be engrained in us as a time of defeat and victory. They had knocked us down, but they didn’t know the power of patriotism in America, and so we rose up, stronger than ever.

I remember that day, not totally clearly, but it had one defining moment to it: walking into the classroom to see the television screen. That I cannot forget. It all comes down to this, though: you cannot. You cannot forget the destruction of the Pentagon as well as the Twin Towers. So much so that you don’t toss “never forget” onto your Facebook for good measure, but you truly, truly mean that it is physically impossible for you to have that memory drawn over. Because those heroes – every single American that day – are so worth it.

“Our enemies have made the mistake that America’s enemies always make. They saw liberty and thought they saw weakness. And now, they see defeat.” – George W. Bush


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