Calvin’s Denial Teachings

I don’t think any of us would argue with that, either.

I love Calvin and Hobbes – Calvin’s facial expressions, his Peter Pan syndrome… it’s all makes it one of the best cartoons ever. (You can’t forget Speed Bump. They’re awesome too.) Calvin says it how it is – using prehistoric creatures at times – and makes it hilarious.

But I think we live in a state of denial as well. I don’t have that much work to complete. I don’t have that many things to do. Or, the exact opposite: freaking out. I have SO MANY THINGS TO DO!!, I’ll never get anything done! …personality types make the difference here. As I am the type A personality, I tend to be the one freaking out. And, at the moment, I’m freaking out a bit (ok, a lot) over homework on a Sunday afternoon, college applications, and the fact that I lost my retainer!! My mom was supposed to call the orthodontist to make another set, but did she? No! And it’s killing me inside. But we have to forget all that – put it behind us. It will all be figured out in the end. Sure, I don’t want braces again (I would probably sooner kill myself) but I’ll call the orthodontist tomorrow and see what we can do. I’ll do my homework to the best of my ability, and close all distractions (*cough* facebook *cough*). In the end, whether in a state of denial or freaking out, we have to trust that it will all be done and figured out. It’s out of our hands – the best we can do is to do our best, and leave the rest up to God.


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