Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder Part 3

Before reading, go to this link: Lake Minnewanka by Night, on this blog. It’s amazing. The entire blog is just beautiful.

Part 3?! I never intended to do a part 3, but those photos just dragged me into it. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? But I bet for someone who lives there, it’s easy to just get lost in the fact of how freaking cold it is (-20 degrees – Celsius!), or that they just experience it every day. The repetition of it over and over again must make it easy to lose that sense of wonder. Well let me tell you, with really amazing things, do your best not to.

I live near Washington, D.C., and I’ve visited it a lot. Whenever I have family coming to visit, they always want to go to D.C. to visit a museum or visit a monument. My usual thoughts are, “You can see all the monuments driving through DC!” and “Why do you want to go to a museum? There are so many of them and they’re all just the same! I’ve been to, like, all of them!” Fact is, I haven’t. The National Firearms Museum? Nope. Whenever I go to a new museum that I haven’t been to before, or something that I have a lot of interest in, that really gets my attention and I’m glued. But just as easily, I find myself thinking – “Eh, I’ve been there, done that.” See, I’ve lost my wonder in DC. Any non-DC-er would probably protest this statement, but it’s true. Thinking back, it is very cool that most of the museums are free and the monuments are great and historic. But I’ve seen most of everything and the appeal is, simply, gone.

For me, it’s not as fabulous as NYC, full of excitement and people. I’ve been there a couple times, and every time I’ve been fascinated, though I can almost guarantee that someone who lives there would tell me it’s just crowded and busy. They’ve probably lost their wonder. If they look back at Times Square and see what a magnificent place it is… maybe they’d get some of it back.

I have a friend who goes to college near Pittsburgh. However, he’s from Colorado Springs, Colorado – which is very near the Rocky Mountains. He says that he’s kind of lost that wonder after growing up there and seeing it all the time, but every now and then when he goes back to visit, or when on a plane going back, it kind of comes back and he thinks, “Wow, I live here.”

Yeah. You do what you do, you live what you live, for a reason. Keep the reason in mind – there was a sense of wonder when you made the choice, and don’t lose that.

See Part 2 and Part 1 (maybe?)

“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” -Franz Kafka


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