Beginning of the End

Times are a’changing. The school year has begun to end, and this has led to several things…

  1. I’M GOING TO COLLEGE!! I will officially be attending a small liberal arts college in Massachusetts this fall. Praise God! Super-thankful. But now to deal with the rest of school, AP exams, and finals… ugh. I’ve promised myself I’d never let senioritis get to me, but I’m slipping and I don’t like it. I’m crawling my way back now, with thoughts of college. College will be exciting, I know it. I won’t hear from my roommate until July (ugh), but that’s alright.
  2. I have a new baby cousin, born December 17! Probably the cutest thing ever. In my extended family (both mom and dad’s side), we have a shortage of girls. Bailey Marguerite is – well, a girl – and a very welcome addition. Not that a boy wouldn’t be welcome, but a girl ’round these parts is treated with a little more sovereignty by me. Although she’s in Kenya right now, Facebook has once again saved the day. (I started this post forever ago, please forgive me! But Bailey is super-cute!)
  3. I gave my testimony in the form of a sermonette at my church’s Youth Sunday – when the youth take over all the aspects of the service for Sunday. Tons of fun. I also sang a song, Tis So Sweet. It’s my favorite hymn and I’d encourage everyone to listen this version, not just because I like it a lot, but because the meaning of the song (and acoustic guitar) is wonderful.
  4. Graduation announcements and the like… that’s when you know your time in high school is coming to an end. At long last.
  5. CHINA this summer. Smog. Babies. Dumplings. It’s all coming! (I haven’t written on China in a long time. But I will soon enough!)

Are there things that are ending, or beginning, in your life – or just beginning to end? I’d love to know.Without much further ado, let the end begin.

“Graduation is only a concept. In real life, every day you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you’ll make a difference.” -Arie Pencovici


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