College is a School

Well, duh, you might be thinking. It’s quite obvious: you have majors, you get degrees, etc. etc.
But recently I’ve been looking on the Class of 2018 page for my school, and everyone there seems so excited… for a relationship. Wait. Hold up. Who said anything about you getting a relationship in your college years? At my school, there is a tossed-around phrase, “ring by spring”. People mostly joke about it, but in reality, there are a lot of Gordon couples that have gotten married after graduation. If I do happen to meet my husband (or any ‘special someone’) at Gordon, so be it – but I’m not waiting for him to turn up any minute now.

You’re paying thousands of dollars a year for an education, not a future spouse. Spend your time (and thoughts) wisely.

“Single doesn’t always mean available and taken doesn’t always mean in love.” -Unknown



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