China: I can sense destiny

So, I’m in China! I made international travel work for me, by myself this time, all by my lonesome. (not really.)

Things I learned on the flight:

  1. Captain America is my favorite superhero
  2. Julian Fellow’s Romeo and Juliet is not that great
  3. If you want to stay warm, you need full-length pants. Need.
  4. The lavatory will always be occupied. Always.

Now that I’m in China, I’ve learned a lot of new things! It’s only been a few days, but a lot has happened already. So, a quick synopsis…

  • I arrived, and have met everyone (they trickled in, arriving a couple at a time – now everyone is here!)
  • Saturday, we didn’t do much; Sunday, we (Chloe, Greta, and myself) went to church at BICF. That was an adventure! We went on public transport, and that was… and experience, to say the least. Finally we got to BICF, 45 minutes after the service started. Then we went out to lunch with my dad, which is what we really came for. When we got back, we found new friends – Abbie, KK, and Emily waiting for us! We helped KK and Emily to some pizza and a chick flick, as they had been deprived of both for the past seven weeks in the mountains of China (they’re so hardcore).
  • Monday was a lot different than I anticipated. I had been assigned to the preschool work, eventually going to become a preschool assistant – and I relished and cherished and absolutely loved every moment of it – but I was pulled out Monday morning, mid-surgery by Eric (who, BTW, has completely stolen my heart!). We did an orientation of all the rules, background of New Day, a lot of other things, and a PE class for home school kids. It was fun, but I did not feel called to that position. The reason I came back to New Day was twofold: first, New Day was one of my inspirations to go into education, and really began my love for children. Second, I had learned so much in my first year at school that I wanted to utilize lesson planning, classroom environment prep – the whole teacher gig – to be a service unto God. Monday, I didn’t feel that. But, going with what had been emphasized, flexibility to what I’m assigned has to work out. Do everything you do for the glory of God.
  • Tuesday, we began the day as scheduled on Monday – so it was pre-planned. Unfortunately, I didn’t see Eric, but fortunately I was not pulled away from him. We continued to do introduction/orientation things, such as a tour of the factory/foster home. In the afternoon, we were given a ‘cultural experience’-ish kind of introduction, where Phil compared and introduced Western vs. Asian/Chinese cultures. I commented that although I had been to China and New Day quite a few times, I was continually learning and humbling myself to remember that I learned new things each time. THEN after all the scheduled day finished, some of the group (Thomas, Chloe, Greta, and I) went out to WoMei, the big supermarket, and got everything except for our meat there for our chili recipe. (We’re making it tomorrow for 60 PEOPLE.) Afterwards, we went to Donna, a volunteer services worker’s, house. It was FANTASTIC. The food was great (I ate too much… really have to work on that), and dessert was AMAZING. Brownies and vanilla ice cream, with caramel and chocolate sauce. Little taste of heaven right there. I’m telling you, it’s the little things.

I’m committed (and required, actually) to post at least once a week, if not more. So there’s that. But I journal a lot, so once a week isn’t that bad.


This post was originally written on July 1 – However, I needed a VPN and some free time to get onto WordPress. Hope you enjoy it! 


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