China 4: The China Chop

Saturday was a pretty chill day – we had to run an ‘English corner’ – a community English learning class, geared mainly towards middle school students. Generally, though, Saturday was a lot of relaxing, talking, and doing whatever. Sunday, a couple of us went to church in Beijing and I met my dad there. After the service, we went out to lunch at an Italian place (the best western food I’ve had here!), and then I left my friends with pops… to get a facial and massage! I was in pain for half the massage because I had so many knots, but it was worth it. I feel great now!

Backyard School has been going pretty well. On Monday I had my best day ever. Caitlin absolutely loved me and was so cooperative all of today! Well, she was a bit fussy going inside at the end of the day. But besides that, she was fantastic. Susie was energetic and happy to be there. Lily was more her normal self, but still – one feeds off the high energy of everyone else.

Tuesday, the streak continued. We pulled out the shaving cream, too. One of the things I’m learning as an educator is you should never take yourself too seriously. If something goes wrong or doesn’t work out, it’s probably not your fault, and there will be other opportunities to try again. Also, making a mess is no big deal. It’s just cleaning up afterwards that will be a hassle – but enjoy the moment. And we loved those moments with the shaving cream. It’s a sensory activity. We also drew circles and traced our hands – I’m trying to build body awareness this week.

The China chop, you ask? Well, I just chopped off a TON of my hair. I was originally going to cut my hair right before I went back to school, back in America, and donate it to Locks of Love. However, it was getting crazy hot over here, so I figured, why wait? I asked others’ opinions on it and they said go for it. Sam went with me, and got a fade on the sides and a bit of a swoop – so now he fits right in with the rest of the hip Chinese guys. (…Never mind that he’s 6’3) We went to a place that charged 15kuai – that’s less than 3 US dollars – for an adult haircut. All my haircuts in recent memory have been far above $15! Chloe came with me and I held her hand. I was a little anxious, I admit. Hearing a huge snick-snack after years of growing that hair out makes me a little uneasy, for some reason. Now it looks just dandy. There’s not quite so much to run my fingers through… but a lot less maintenance, so that’s good. Plus, I’m hoping I’ll be a lot cooler now that all that hair is out of the way. If that’s possible, because the heat/humidity combination is outrageous, and a big snip probably won’t do the job.

You could say I'm Mulan.

You could say I’m Mulan.

PS: In my last post I totally forgot to mention that there are some people who we still miss dearly! Last I mentioned them, KK and Emily (part of the summer staff) had to go to the embassy because of visa issues. Well, it ended up being that they had to go back to America. Sad day! We carry on, but wish they were here! KK had this thing called ‘pillow talk’ – basically girl talk before bed, on pillows, and we joked recently that it would be funny if she had her own radio talk show.



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