China 7: Friday!

IT’S FRIDAY! (finally!) yay 🙂

Sam left on Tuesday. We were all very sad. We took a few group selfies, though, which ended up being great – and my new background on my phone. It’s great, but our group isn’t the same without him – like when KK and Emily left, our group will carry on but it just isn’t the same! I’ll put the good selfie up, so that I won’t get scolded later.



Today is May’s birthday. We had a little celebration – May had brought cake mix, along with a lot of other American food, with her to China, so she gave us a box with other supplies (candles, icing, etc.) to make for her. We went out to eat at the nice restaurant without a kitchen (around here, we name restaurants and local places by some description, because who can read their Chinese name?) After the cake, I washed the dishes. Everyone else is watching a movie now, but I’m going to shower, watch an episode of Friends, and get to sleep early!

This week was really tiring. The backyard school has worn me out – the kids are generally wonderful, but it takes a tough kind of love to work with them: harsh enough to scold, but soft enough to praise, love and play. However, the assistant teachers have just been on the tough side, so it’s hard being the only one praising the kids. I still love it there, though! They always bring a smile to my face, ever day. Since I haven’t been getting enough sleep these past few days, I’ve just been wiped, and I’m incredibly glad it’s Friday. Also, we just wrapped up the second week of English Camp – a camp where selected middle schoolers come to improve their English. Us four teachers (Chloe, Abbie, Thomas, and me) divided into two classes of seven each. Thomas and I took the lower-level class, and they have a long way to go. Unfortunately, only about four of the seven kids show up every day. We joke that they have a plan going where people take turns coming to class so there are always four students there. It’s frustrating, but the small class size is good to work with. There are a few kids who come every day, and their English has improved tremendously. Those who pop in twice a week, we can now see the difference. As for myself, I can safely say that my English has really improved since I started English camp. (wait for sarcasm to set in…) I’m encouraged, however, that they said they would miss us on Monday when we will be gone. (Gone on a secret surprise-adventure, overnight excursion!)

Anyways, I’m glad it’s Friday. It’s funny, I haven’t gone to bed after 11PM. I usually go to sleep around or after that time at home/school! I would never dream of such a thing here; I need eight hours, at least. Speaking of which, I should get on that now. 🙂


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