Beaching, etc.

I arrived back in America on a crisp Saturday evening (I had to put ‘crisp’ in there), welcomed back into (the two-week rental) home with a dragon fruit and parents who had been waiting up for me. I put my things down, talked with my mom for a long time, and then went to sleep. Remarkably, my jet lag hasn’t been that bad. I’ve been waking up once during the night every night, but besides that, I’ve never been better!

Like previously noted, I am not actually at home. I’m staying for two weeks with my family at Cape Cod, a place my family and I have always come for a time during August. I love it here – you can go to the beach, catch a couple rays (and a tan that always fades out, no matter how dark you get), read all you like, and just plain relax with the family. We all need that kind of a thing every once in a while! Well, right now is my once in a while.

One night, we visited my dad’s co-worker, whose family lives on the Cape year-round. We had lobsters and the best ice cream ever. Friday night, we went to Chatham, where there’s a weekly outdoor band concert. We got some dinner there, got penny candy (that costs more than a penny!), and enjoyed the concert. Another night we played mini-golf. Apart from nights out like those, we have been spending time at the library in the mornings, then beach or freshwater pond in the afternoons after lunch.


My awesome grandma and me at the balloon stand, before the Chatham band concert!

The not-silver lining in this situation is that I left my phone at the New Jersey airport, on my transfer to Boston. Of all things, I was charging it and left it there. Thank God they found it! My contract still has another few months until I can get a new phone. Now, though, I have to get it FedEx-ed over to me, to an address I’m still deciding on.

It’s not a bad problem to have, but I miss China a lot. The wonderful new friends there, the things I got to do and see – not to mention the amazing food and cheap stuff! I miss it all a lot. Maybe if I had spent more time there, I could get more bragging rights, including the right to miss family and home more. However, I’d say I’m pretty well off – I’m returning to China in December, with my family to see my brother, who is spending an entire school year abroad in Beijing, and I’ve been keeping in touch with a few people from the group.

Until then, I’m enjoying the beach life. Not needing much while doing even less, that’s the kind of life I’m living – at least, for one more week.


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