China 10: I’m not actually in China though…

I’ve been missing China for a while – here are a few of the top things I’m missing:

  1. The freaking AWESOME people I had the pleasure of meeting!* I miss them tons.
  2. Ice cream. Cheap ice cream, daily if I wanted it!
  3. On a second thought, everything in China is cheaper. Crazy prices in America make me sad.
  4. Those precious kids at ND… they’re so wonderful.

Of everything, I’d say I miss all the people there the most. They are so wonderful, I wish everyone could meet them. Think of the most awesome person you know, and then multiply that by 10-ish people. That should give you an idea of how awesome those people are, and now I’m back living with a bunch of peasants. (just kidding, I love my family!)

I’ve spilled the beans before, so by now I’m not ashamed to say that I have epilepsy. I had a seizure a few days ago – since they all happen at night, I didn’t realize it until I woke up in the middle of the night. Since then, I’ve been feeling rather poopy, symptoms including a headache and stuffy nose. Usually after a seizure I have a headache, but it goes away within the day. I think I also got some kind of a cold then. It stinks because it’s not just that I’m on vacation, but this probably serves me right, since during my time in China, a lot of people had gotten the sniffles or an ailment of some sort, and I prided myself in not catching anything. Yeah, I’m getting my time. ha.

Because I wasn’t feeling so hot, today I just sat around and in the afternoon, I decided to go out to the beach and read for a few hours. I’ve been reading Gone With the Wind this summer, and I’m proud to say I finished it today, at last! I wanted to leave the beach at 4PM, but I ended up leaving after 5PM. The ending was unexpected, and incredibly dramatic – I was glued to the book as I baked in the sun. I’d recommend it… I think. You’d have to put up with Scarlett being a total brat. Regardless, they aren’t called classics for nothing!

*Shout-out to Andrea and Jack for reading my blog! Thank you so much for reading it, it means a lot! I’m excited for what my trip to New Zealand, hopefully in the not-too-distant future, will be like! 🙂


Well, I didn’t take this picture, but it’s of the Cape Cod beaches and a pretty good representation of my afternoon.

“I’ll think of it all tomorrow, at Tara. I can stand it then… After all, tomorrow is another day.” -Scarlett, Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell


2 thoughts on “China 10: I’m not actually in China though…

  1. Andrea and Gary

    Hi Margaret

    You are wise beyond your years. We love reading your blogs. I particularly liked your first post on Ceaseless serendipity – about the gift of finding valuable things. It does take a while to settle back into everyday life after an experience like New Day. Enjoy your holiday – they go all too quickly.


    1. margaretw514 Post author

      Thank you Andrea! That means so much. It’s true, time certainly flies – I will be back in class at university on Wednesday! Hope you all are doing well!


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