End of Summer Thoughts

The end of summer?! It seems surreal. I’m starting this post by typing it on my bed at Cape Cod, where I’ve been with my family for the last two weeks, and ending it on my bed for the next nine months at my university, Gordon College. I’ve done a lot this summer, so I thought I’d start at the beginning…

I finished my last final exam on my birthday. Is that a good or bad thing? I haven’t decided yet. Only one class, one exam, and everything was finished afterwards. It felt good to be done with my first year! The next day, I went home – to start school again! I took Old Testament online. It’s a required class for me, so I decided to get it out of the way. For four intense weeks, I had a lot of assessments and work and reading every day. Except Sunday, of course. 🙂 During that time, I started a running program called Couch 2 5K (C25K) – over six weeks, this iPhone app would get you a little closer to running a 5K every day. After the course finished, I had a week to pack… for China!

I packed my bags and set off by myself. I blogged a lot about my time in China, so you can read all that for yourself – just scroll down. Like, a lot. To make a reeeeeally long story short, I met a lot of amazing people, saw some awesome things, and did some crazy and wonderful things as well – including teaching my own class for the first time, chopping off a lot of my hair, and white-water rafting down a heated man-made river with a tiny ladle instead of an oar! I miss them… but at the same time, I’m really glad to be back (at Gordon now)!

My return flight from China landed in Boston. I had a transfer in New Jersey (I don’t really get it, either), where I left my iPhone behind. Why Boston, you ask? My family was at Cape Cod, where we go every year, vacationing for two weeks. They arrived that day, and I joined them – with a little more jet lag than them, though. ha. It was good to have nothing to do for two weeks! I finally finished reading Gone With the Wind, which I had been working on all summer, and also read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in the extra time. Good books, all of them! A few standouts from the Cape include our annual trip to the Chatham band concert, eating lobster, and traveling by boat to Martha’s Vineyard for the Grand Illumination.

Well, our time at the Cape eventually ended. The Saturday we checked out of our cottage, we road tripped to Gordon College, and I moved into my dorm. I was so excited to get back to Gordon! Gordon is really starting to feel like home now. I lived in the Fulton dorm last year, which is a right turn from the cafeteria. Now, I live in Ferrin hall (which I am super-excited for!), and a left-turn from the cafeteria. I didn’t realize how much I called Fulton home, because I’ve been subconsciously turning right to leave the cafeteria, instead of left. I think I’ll miss Fulton, but I know my time there is done. The Hill is not where I belong, especially during the winter trek down it! I am excited for what my year in Ferrin holds. My RA is awesome – already a big plus – and as my floor is mostly freshmen, I’ve gotten to meet several already. Unfortunately I’m not too good with names, so I’m hoping to get the names as we get on… heh.

My roommate’s birthday is today, and we’re planning a surprise for her. As in, kidnapping-esque surprise. Shhh. Anyways, I’m excited for classes to start, because I need routine in my life! – but even more excited to see everyone I’ve been missing all summer.

P.S. I said I was going to mention about my phone missing, but I didn’t have a really good place to talk about it. Well anyways, since I lost my phone, it’s been found at the airport and will be making its’ way back to me. Eventually. I’m not sure how long it will take. Since then, I’ve been figuring out how people have figured out civilized life for centuries without phones! I’m being very detailed with a planner (color-coding is involved), and using an old-fashioned alarm clock and everything. I’ve been stressing about this a lot, but something good has come out of it: I’ve been training for a 5K (using C25K this summer), but that required an app, and my phone provided the hardcore music I listened to while I ran. Now that I have no music but still have to run, I’ve been praying: about anything. Anything that comes to mind, I’ll pray for. I think I’ll take a list with me, to give me ideas, so when I go for longer runs, I won’t run out of ideas. Instead of distracting me from my run and how much I hate running right now, I’m refocusing – focusing on what’s really important. I like that.

45. Reunions

46. Gordon College, with every strength and weakness

47. Hard goodbyes.



3 thoughts on “End of Summer Thoughts

  1. Kim

    Margaret, I love how you embrace adventures and blessings! Oh, and by the way, Gone With the Wind is one of my FAVORITE books. We’ll have to share thoughts on it sometime. 🙂

  2. Kim

    Finally figured out how to reply to blogs, ha. Good thing yours was easy-others, not so much! At least from my perspective….


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