Good to be home!

You know that feeling when you get home, and things just feel right in the world? Even if there’s a lot going on, once you return home (generally after a period of being away), you feel – well, back home. For me at least, it’s a mix of return to normalcy, nostalgia, anticipation, and just plain happiness. After a year at Gordon, the return experience has been all of that and more. That’s not to say I miss my home in Virginia, because I do. I get the same feeling there, but there, I’m returning to nostalgia and family – there, I’m returning to so much more anticipation. It’s great. It’s had its ups and downs which would take too long to get into if got into every detail, but all I can say is that it’s good to be home.

I live in a new dorm now – Ferrin Hall. There are a lot of freshmen on my floor (our dorms are mixed years), and it’s been fun giving them advice, giving them the down-low. One of the biggest pieces of advice I would give to freshmen would be this: college will be home. You might as well expedite the process by making friends and reaching out instead of staying in and Skyping home. By the end of the year, you’ll miss school. Do your best to miss it now.

On another note, my new classes have started well. I’m taking a variety of classes, including but not limited to: paddle boarding for my PE credit, a philosophy class (I wouldn’t be taking it if it wasn’t required!), and math (haven’t taken that in a while!). However… there is one class, Disabilities and the Young Child, that could very well be the death of me. I haven’t taken a methods class, which teaches you how to plan, create, and use and lesson plan – and how to teach in general. Which is a problem, because I’m going to have to do all of that (without the prior knowledge of how to do so). Oh, and it’s too late to drop courses. I just emailed my professor and my advisor, who should help me out a little in this regard. eek… Well, whatever happens, I’m just glad to be home.


My fantastic and beautiful new roommate, Emma!

49. An amazing roommate

50. A wonderful floor and RA

51. Classes

52. Smiles


2 thoughts on “Good to be home!

  1. Kim Snyder

    About the class-you’ve got this! I bet you’ll be able to draw on your experience this past summer and be informed in ways that the other students are not. Real life experience teaching beats book knowledge most any day. Sounds like an interesting class too! I’ve found that it’s such a joy to be able to help children one step at a time if you’re able to make headway on figuring out what the need is-and it’s so hard to recognize and diagnose disabilities when they’re young. You’ll learn so much and will be proud of it! 🙂

    1. margaretw514 Post author

      Well, I sure hope so! It all starts tomorrow, so fingers crossed any of that ‘real life experience’ can give me some hints about what to do next. Thanks!!


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