curl up and…

I should be finding an article related to a current issue related to New England geography. Not that finding that kind of an article isn’t fun… but since I’ve tried for several hours and haven’t found something yet, I’m taking a break. What can I update on? Hm…

  • I’ve started watching the TV show The Office (the American version). I had watched episodes before, never actually following the show, but I’d forgotten what a jerk the boss, Michael is! The only thing that keeps me watching is Jim and Pam’s relationship. That’s enough for me 🙂 I’m in season two… I haven’t decided yet how much of it I’m going to watch, because there are nine seasons!
  • My classes don’t have a ton of work, but enough to keep me busy when I need to be (e.g. now). I’m only taking 14 credits (the usual is 16) – I was planning on taking 18, but a class fell through and it ended up working out with 14 credits, plus a PE class. So, I’ve found a lot of free time on my hands. To fill it, I’ve been joining some clubs, working my job, and keeping myself busy with different odds and ends – but I’ve also been investing myself a lot more in relationships and my friendships. I’ve come to the realization that the ‘love language’ I receive love in is quality time. When I haven’t spent time with someone in a while, I feel distant from that person. Spending time with them brings closeness, for me, in that relationship. Like, my ideal date would be doing something – anything, really – with a date. With food to follow. E.g. a hike, then a picnic. Volunteering somewhere, then Panera. Cooking food, then eating it. (However, the language I show my love in is often gifts!) So using my time to connect with others is enjoyable and relationship-building. yay!
  • I’ve joined my school’s gospel choir. Not because I need to fill my time up with something, but because I was looking for a more fulfilling choir experience than what I was getting with another choir I was a part of last semester. Gospel Choir is all that and more. We sing amazing songs, have an wonderful director – but more than that, our rehearsals are truly a worship experience. Jesus at the center. I love it so much. It’s hard to describe, but it’s absolutely wonderful. Taking an hour and a half out of my Monday and Thursday nights might seem like a sacrifice, but it’s nothing in comparison to what I’ve gotten out of it.
  • My roommate is the best. Seriously, the best. That is the most unexpected blessing that I’ve gotten since this school year started. That being said, my floor is great too. I’m pretty sure we’re perfect for each other: we share similar living styles, food choices, taste in TV shows… we even have the same riding boots! (not the same size, though… that would’ve cinched it once and for all!) She really proved her worth to me when I was going through a bit of a rough patch last Sunday night, and stayed up with me, making sure I was okay. (I’m just fine now, in case you were wondering!) I am so thankful for her, and all the other amazing people in my life. They’re the best.
  • I’m training for a 5K (five kilometers, or 3.1 miles) that I’ll be running in mid-October. I haven’t run an actual race, much less 3.1 miles, so this is a big deal for me! I’ve been doing a little bit more each time… thank goodness for the Internet to come up with 5K training plans. Instead of listening to music (I lost my phone with all my music on it for a few weeks), I pray on my runs. That’s been really good.
  • Fall is here. It may not be autumn just yet where you are, but it’s arrived in New England. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooler, and it’s wonderful. At Gordon, fall is my favorite season of the year. It’s so beautiful! Back home in Virginia, spring has always been my favorite – I love seeing the flowers bloom and grow. Around here, spring is more of a warming up that eventually ends up at summer. Even when I leave after finals (in mid-May), people are still wearing long pants. It’s ridiculous. I rest my case: a New England fall is majestic, even more so when compared to the spring.
  • Totally random, but… my new favorite song is Stars by Switchfoot. I go through phases of favorite songs. I’ll just take you through recent memory: I Need Your Love by Calvin Harris, Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson, Fall Afresh by Jeremy Riddle – as you can tell, they can be just about any genre – but they’ll be on repeat for at least a week. I’ll phase them out eventually – still enjoying the song, of course! – but new song obsessions have to come and go. That’s just the way it works, you know?

What can I say? Life is good. God is good. I’m blessed. I’d just like to find my article now. Then I can curl up, maybe watch The Office and drink tea (make that watch Harry Potter, come to think of it) – but definitely go to sleep.


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