I’ll Be ____ for Christmas

Listening to the song, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, in a place where it’s natural for so many people to be home for Christmas, makes it a little awkward that I will not be home for Christmas, to say the least. I’ve spent every Christmas I can remember at my house, so this year will definitely be different. I will be with my family, but I will miss seeing friends and having a Christmas tree decorated with the strange ornaments my family has, and doing all the Christmas festivities there. I was fortunate enough to spend the beginning of the ‘official’ Christmas season (that is, the weekend after Thanksgiving) at a friend’s house, where we decorated a tree at her house. It was beautiful (and pictured below!).

The Buckley Christmas tree

The Buckley Christmas tree!

Thinking about it, it’s been six months – yes, six! – since I have last visited home, and it will be seven by the time I get home. Some of my friends have a difficult time even with two. How am I not super homesick? Well, for starters, I’m a fairly independent person. That eliminated the need to cry every night or to call my family constantly during my freshman year of college. Secondly, my school feels so much like home, especially after a year. Whenever I go off-campus, I will say things like “When I get home, I’m going to…” – and we all know that place is in Massachusetts, not Virginia. I refer to my dorm, my school, my campus as home. It’s become natural, almost instinct, to think of this as my home. So when I’m not going home for a break when it seems like everyone else is? It’s not that big of a deal.

On the other hand, as much as I do, in fact, miss seeing a lot of people that I love, my home isn’t any one place – no, I’ve found that home is where your heart is. It’s where you feel like your family is. I’ll be with my family in China for Christmas. That’s kind of hard to explain to most people because home is home – it’s a location you always go to – but if home is where your heart is, I’ll be home for Christmas.

P.S. China for Christmas?? Sounds very exciting, doesn’t it! And yes, for those wondering: I AM going to be at NDFH (albeit a very short time, especially when compared to six weeks), and I WILL be taking a million pictures! I’ll keep you updated 🙂


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