It’s cliché, but I’ll say it anyways: I’m extremely blessed. Here’s a list of things I see as be blessings in my life. It could probably go on forever, but here a couple I’m finding along the way.

“You have multiplied, O Lord my God, your wondrous deeds and your thoughts toward us; none can compare with you! I will proclaim and tell of them, yet they are more than can be told!” -Psalm 40:5 (ESV) 
1. My school
2. A loving family
3. Sunsets
4. Sunrises
5. Crisp, clear weather
6. Friends who truly care for me
7. A warm place to sleep in
8. A healthy body
9. Friends who make me laugh (and laugh at my jokes)
10. Christmas presents
11. Completed tests
12. Fresh snow
13. Warm desserts
14. Laughter
15. Hot tea
16. Amazon!
17. Authentic Chinese food!
18. Friendly strangers
19. Sunny days in the middle of winter
20. That post-workout feeling
21. FOOD
22. Compliments
23. A class cancelled
24. Sleeping in
25. Dressing up fancy
26. Camaraderie among strangers
27. Buttery popcorn
28. The smell of books
29. Movie nights
30. Shopping without first checking price tags
31. Spring that is finally, actually here!
32. Sunshine 🙂
33. Culture immersion
34. Languages
35. Travelling!
36. Getting over jet lag
37. New friends
38. Goodbyes
39. Facebook, to stay connected
40. Friends who keep in touch
41. Clean air
42. Competitive mini-golf
43. Beach breezes
44. Funny relatives!
45. Reunions
46. Gordon College, with every strength and weakness
47. Hard goodbyes
48. Birthday celebrations
49. Awesome roommates
50. A wonderful floor (in my dorm)
51. Classes
52. Smiles
53. Roommate relationships
54. Dinner dates
55. My RA (resident assistant)
56. Pillow talk
57. Homemade food
57. Ice cream and TV shows
58. Easy classes
59. Music
60. 5Ks (especially with friends!)
61. Christmas lights
62. Airplane movies
63. Direct flights
64. Family reunions
65. In-flight movies
66. Eye masks for travel
67. That feeling after concluding a long time of traveling/crashing into a bed
68. (I said it before, but I’ll say it again…) Authentic Chinese food!
69. Going outside of my comfort zone (this time: eating chicken feet)
70. 珍珠奶茶(bubble milk tea)
71. Travel
72. Europe
73. Old cathedrals
74. Sand and sangria on the beach
75. Community
76. Keeping in touch
77. Postcards
78. Living in the United States
79. Air conditioning
80. The Dollar Store
81. An extra pair of glasses (for when the first pair breaks!)
82. Quality phone case
83. The colors of fall

3 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. Daniel Scott

    I can get all of those except #12(!), which is one of the things I miss most while in Qingdao. Oh well… great list! 🙂 Have you ever read One Thousand Gifts?

    1. margaretw514 Post author

      That’s too bad, snow is wonderful. Well, hopefully you don’t have the freezing temperatures that come with the snow. Thank you! I have not read it, but it’s on my list!

      1. Daniel Scott

        I know! Originally from Indiana so we got feet of snow there. It’s mainly cold in QD during the winter because of a lack of insulation.

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